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Geek Week 2

Hello again & welcome to Geek Week where I am showcasing a few of the wonderful inventions that I have found on the internet.

Today we are in the kitchen with 3 very handy devices, the first is the E-Z, this little gadget attaches to the rim of any wide-mouthed pot or shallow pans so that you can pour the liquid contents into a bowl or utensil without spilling over. I can see myself using this aid when I try and pour out the excess oil from mince. See more at Evolve


Moving on to the oven with the next little gadget, this one makes so much sense I don’t know why no one has thought of it before. It’s called the Silicone Oven Shield and means that you can pull the HOT oven rack out without the use of an oven mitt.


Pick of the day

Finally my pick of the day today is this fantastic chopping board that also weighs the item you have chopped.


Happy Cooking


Learner Girl

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