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Geek Week 7

Hello and welcome to our last entry for Geek Week. Today I would like to show you a few of my favourite geeky iPhone gadgets.

Our first up is the Waterproof smartphone case. This case will protect your smartphone from the elements while boating, swimming or lounging at the beach while still allowing you to use your phone without taking it out of the case.


Secondly I give you the Astronaut iPhone stand. I love this one just because it looks cool and charges your phone at the same time


Pick of the day

My last pick of the day for Geek Week is the iPhone photo printer. This is the compact, portable printer that produces photo quality pictures directly from a docked iPhone 4 or iPod touch. You can also connect iPhone 5, Android phones, and iPads using a lightning, Micro-USB, or iPad cable.


Happiness is an iPhone


Learner Girl

Geek Week 4

Today’s addition of Geek Week is brought to you by the Study.

Our first gadget for the Study is a funky little USB in the shape of an Oreo cookie, yes USBs now come in all shapes and sizes.



The second gadget on my list is the multi-purpose cable clip, these handy little clips will hold all you cables in place and come in a pack of 6 from Amazon.



Pick of the day

Finally my pick of the day today is the Amazing Humidifier. This handy little gadget will turn any water bottle into a Humidifier. The device consists of a screw-on cap embedded with a filter and fan, and a USB cord.



Happy Studying


Learner Girl

Geek Week 3

Good Evening, today we are heading in to the bedroom for our technology fix.

Our first gadget is the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro, yes there really is an app for everything. This little gagdet/app professes to manage and improve your sleep. The combination of an app and a headband to measure how much restorative Deep or REM sleep you are getting.


The next gadget we have for you is the Alarm Pillow which gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. The only problem is that the weight of your head acts as a snooze and mine would just be permanently on snooze.


Pick of the day

Finally my pick of the day today is the Alarm rings. You set the individual alarm for each ring and then wear the ring to bed, at the selected time the ring will vibrate to wake you up.


Happy Dreaming


Learner Girl


There are so many new apps, websites, software, social media…. things, out there these days and some times it is hard to keep up so I though I would review a few of these for you.

The first site/app I am reviewing is Pinterest.

HISTORY: Pinterest was launched in March 2010 as an invite-only site. In August 2012 Pinterest no longer required an invitation to join.

So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is all about inspiration.

Remember the good old days with paper and glue, when you would create a folder of ideas from magazine clippings for your next party, trip, or for your wedding, maybe it was a collection of recipes or might have been just for inspiration.

I know over the years I have collected newspaper clippings, pages from magazines and other assorted little books that came free with magazines. I have collected so much stuff that there has got to be a better way for me to store this stuff. I have tried folders, scrap books, baskets and over time I just don’t remember where things are anymore so I start to collect them again.

I have also shared things on Facebook just so that they are on my timeline and I can find them again when I need them but that doesn’t always work either, I have bookmarked things but then I end up with so many bookmarks that I can remember what everything is for or what was on my mind when I created my filing system.

Well that’s where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest is the place where you can store all the things that inspire you, whether its a recipe that you want to try or a way to make the latest fashion piece yourself, maybe you are renovating your home or garden and you are looking for inspiration, it’s all there for you to create a board and pin things to it.

The first thing you will need to do is create an account. Like most things these days you can join with your facebook account. Once you have set up an account you can create boards. I have created a Recipe board, Party ideas, clothes, DIY and loads more. You can add to your boards by browsing what is already on Pinterest and selecting the “pin it” button on the item you have chosen and then choose the board you would like to pin it to.

On their Goodies page Pinterest explains how and from where you can add to your Pinterest account, on the web its as simply as dragging their “Pin it” button to your tool bar.

Pinterest also has a mobile phone app and an ipad app.

Happy Pinning


Learner Girl

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