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Geek Week

Hey there everyone this week I have decided that I will be having Geek Week where I will be posting new technology each day.

To kick off the week I am starting in the bathroom with some of my favourites.


First there is the LED Tap light, these are great for the kids, the light is blue when the water is cold and turns red when the water is hot. The only draw back I can see is that it does require batteries but it is just a little bit of fun.


Available from ThinkGeek

Shower head

Next up in the bathroom is the shower head, and just like the tap above you can get a shower head that tells you the temperature of the water. Both products have a heat sensitive LED light.


but there is also one for disco dancing in the shower


I have seen both of these at stores like Bunnings and Masters & they aren’t that expensive.

Pick of the day

Finally we have reached the ultimate in bathroom technology, the SmartFaucet, this one is a tap with built-in face recognition technology that automatically adjusts the water pressure and temperature to your preferred settings. The touchscreen display allows you to access your emails, appointments, and the outside temperature while LEDs illuminate the flow with temperature matching colors.


So the next time you are renovating a bathroom have a look at what technology has to offer you.

Good Luck


Learner Girl

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