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Geek Week 3

Good Evening, today we are heading in to the bedroom for our technology fix.

Our first gadget is the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro, yes there really is an app for everything. This little gagdet/app professes to manage and improve your sleep. The combination of an app and a headband to measure how much restorative Deep or REM sleep you are getting.


The next gadget we have for you is the Alarm Pillow which gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. The only problem is that the weight of your head acts as a snooze and mine would just be permanently on snooze.


Pick of the day

Finally my pick of the day today is the Alarm rings. You set the individual alarm for each ring and then wear the ring to bed, at the selected time the ring will vibrate to wake you up.


Happy Dreaming


Learner Girl

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