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Geek Week 6

Today we will delve into the medical world & mobile technology.

Our first gadget is for all you party animals out there, it’s the Breathometer. This little device plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone and then you blow into it to find out your blood alcohol level.


The second gadget for today is the oximeter. Bringing the medical world into you home, the oximeter is a small plastic device that can measure your blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. Simply attach the dongle to your phone and your finger and your information is displayed on your phone.


Pick of the day

Finally my pick of the day is the Mobisante’s Ultrasound. Unfortunately this product was released for the Windows Mobile 6.5-based Toshiba TG01 smartphone only but that doesn’t make this device any less awesome, and it means that we are that much closer to having the technology where ever it is needed.


Stay healthy


Learner Girl

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