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USB PowerPoints

Hey There Peeps,

I am such a technology geek that I am always looking at new gadgets & wondering when they will be available in Australia. One of my favorites is a Power outlet with USB ports, this would be such a time saver in my house because I don’t have to listen to the constant question of “does anyone have a charger?” We would no longer need them.


I have kept my eye on the Techno world just waiting for these to become available and at a reasonable price, well everyone I recently found them on eBay and I had them installed today. They come exactly as the image above shows with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports, a 1 volt port on the left for mobile phones and a 2 volt port on the right for tablets and other power hungry items.

I am in love and thank you to my eBay seller, Linked Fresh

Happy Charging People


Learner Girl

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