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Connecting Twitter to Facebook

Today while trying connecting my Twitter account to my Facebook Page (which is a magic maze in itself) I attempted to find the answer in Facebook help but all I found were questions. Eventually I found the answer myself so I thought I would share it with the world

NOTE: Now I have to state up front that I use the latest version of Facebook which makes the page on my computer look very similar to the page on my iPhone and this is how I connected.

To connect a Twitter account to Facebook you need to access your personal profile.

  • From the drop down menu select Settings
  • On the left there is a list, select Followers
  • On the right you will see Twitter, select Edit
  • Now select Link profile to Twitter this will take you to Twitter
  • Now select Authorise App

Your twitter account is now connected to your Personal Profile page but that isn’t what we wanted. If you look below this section you can see your Pages.

  • Select Link you page to Twitter this will again take you to Twitter
  • Now select Authorise App

When you are returned to Facebook this twitter account will now be connected to both your Personal Profile page and your Facebook Page.

  • To unlink from your Profile simply click Unlink from Twitter

And you are done.

Good Luck


Learner Girl

If you are still using the old version of Facebook its very complex and very clunky


Well people Learner Girl is expanding the horizons and has created a Facebook Page.

Yes that’s right I have decided to take my little blog to the next level of Social Media and start a Facebook page.

No this page won’t take over from Learner Girl the blog but will only enhance our way of doing things.

How you ask?

Well in an article published on 1st May 2013, TechCrunch stated that there were currently 1.13 Billion active users on Facebook each month. Now that is a lot of people and if we can get Learner Girl in just 1% of the faces that access Facebook that’s 11.3 million Faces.

You see a Facebook page is a medium that will point thousands of people to this blog. Each time I make a blog post I will post a short “Headline” on the Facebook page and if people are interested in learning more they can then read the full post.

And that my friends is who you increase your readers by having a Facebook page. I will report back on how we are doing but since the page launch last night (12 short hours ago) we now have 7 likes thanks to my friends and family.

Wish me Luck


Learner Girl

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