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Geek Week 5

Tonight we are looking into the world of Technology & Pets.

Our first gadget for our pets if the FroBo, this bowl keeps a supply of water for your pet chilled all day long. The bowl contains a removable insert lined with non-toxic gel that after as little as two hours in the freezer (gel changes color when frozen) the insert will keep water chilled well below room temperature for up to eight hours.


The second gadget on my list is the Pet’s Eye view camera, if you’ve ever wondered what the world looks like through your pet’s eyes then you need a Pet’s Eye View Camera. The lightweight camera clips to your cat or dog’s collar and takes pictures every 1, 5, or 15 minutes, giving you insight into how they experience things… and what they’re up to when you’re not around.


Pick of the day

Finally my pick of the day today is the PintoFeed. This automatic pet feeder does everything you would expect it to do and can be set up manually or allow the Pintofeed to learn your pet’s feeding schedule. But the best  feature is the smartphone app that allows you to control multiple feeders and feed your pet remotely if you suddenly realize you’re not going to make it home on time.


Happiness is a happy pet


Learner Girl

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