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USB PowerPoints

Hey There Peeps,

I am such a technology geek that I am always looking at new gadgets & wondering when they will be available in Australia. One of my favorites is a Power outlet with USB ports, this would be such a time saver in my house because I don’t have to listen to the constant question of “does anyone have a charger?” We would no longer need them.


I have kept my eye on the Techno world just waiting for these to become available and at a reasonable price, well everyone I recently found them on eBay and I had them installed today. They come exactly as the image above shows with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports, a 1 volt port on the left for mobile phones and a 2 volt port on the right for tablets and other power hungry items.

I am in love and thank you to my eBay seller, Linked Fresh

Happy Charging People


Learner Girl

Connecting Twitter to Facebook

Today while trying connecting my Twitter account to my Facebook Page (which is a magic maze in itself) I attempted to find the answer in Facebook help but all I found were questions. Eventually I found the answer myself so I thought I would share it with the world

NOTE: Now I have to state up front that I use the latest version of Facebook which makes the page on my computer look very similar to the page on my iPhone and this is how I connected.

To connect a Twitter account to Facebook you need to access your personal profile.

  • From the drop down menu select Settings
  • On the left there is a list, select Followers
  • On the right you will see Twitter, select Edit
  • Now select Link profile to Twitter this will take you to Twitter
  • Now select Authorise App

Your twitter account is now connected to your Personal Profile page but that isn’t what we wanted. If you look below this section you can see your Pages.

  • Select Link you page to Twitter this will again take you to Twitter
  • Now select Authorise App

When you are returned to Facebook this twitter account will now be connected to both your Personal Profile page and your Facebook Page.

  • To unlink from your Profile simply click Unlink from Twitter

And you are done.

Good Luck


Learner Girl

If you are still using the old version of Facebook its very complex and very clunky


You can now follow me on Twitter @Learner_Girl


Twitter is another Social Media site that will increase my exposure to the world, the Twitter blog stated on 1st Feb 2013 that there were 200 million active twitter users but in July 2013 Statistics Brain released their research that found there are 554.7 million active twitter users . Now that is a lot of potential exposure and Twitter is fantastic for sharing via its “Retweet” feature.

So what is Twitter?

Twitter is a mobile application that allows it’s users to share with the world what it happening in their corner of the world. It allows people to retweet items that they like or think that their followers would like. You can follow your favourite celebrity, news program or paper, or just your regular Joe Blow from down the road.

Twitter allows you 140 characters to speak your mind, it also allows you to add photos and links.

I will be using Twitter to post headlines to my lastest posts that will include a link

So please follow me on Twitter

Wish me Luck


Learner Girl


Well people Learner Girl is expanding the horizons and has created a Facebook Page.

Yes that’s right I have decided to take my little blog to the next level of Social Media and start a Facebook page.

No this page won’t take over from Learner Girl the blog but will only enhance our way of doing things.

How you ask?

Well in an article published on 1st May 2013, TechCrunch stated that there were currently 1.13 Billion active users on Facebook each month. Now that is a lot of people and if we can get Learner Girl in just 1% of the faces that access Facebook that’s 11.3 million Faces.

You see a Facebook page is a medium that will point thousands of people to this blog. Each time I make a blog post I will post a short “Headline” on the Facebook page and if people are interested in learning more they can then read the full post.

And that my friends is who you increase your readers by having a Facebook page. I will report back on how we are doing but since the page launch last night (12 short hours ago) we now have 7 likes thanks to my friends and family.

Wish me Luck


Learner Girl


Recently I decided to create an Avatar of myself to appear on all my Social Media, after much research I decided to go with PickaFace.

About PickaFace

PickaFace is a free web application to create a custom online avatar. It`s fun for games and useful for people who want to have profile picture for themselves.

Using the free cartoon avatar creator, you can easily create a custom cartoon avatar in just a few minutes. Just click “Create Avatar,” and follow the steps to create your own avatar and save it to your gallery.

And now, has joined the social system. We’ve added the capability to explore, like, tag, and comment on avatars created by other Pickaface users. So, get your face on.

PickaFace also offer more features if you register on their site and even more features if you go Hi-res.

So for those of us out there that just aren’t photogentic, go to PickaFace


Good Luck


Learner Girl


There are so many new apps, websites, software, social media…. things, out there these days and some times it is hard to keep up so I though I would review a few of these for you.

The first site/app I am reviewing is Pinterest.

HISTORY: Pinterest was launched in March 2010 as an invite-only site. In August 2012 Pinterest no longer required an invitation to join.

So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is all about inspiration.

Remember the good old days with paper and glue, when you would create a folder of ideas from magazine clippings for your next party, trip, or for your wedding, maybe it was a collection of recipes or might have been just for inspiration.

I know over the years I have collected newspaper clippings, pages from magazines and other assorted little books that came free with magazines. I have collected so much stuff that there has got to be a better way for me to store this stuff. I have tried folders, scrap books, baskets and over time I just don’t remember where things are anymore so I start to collect them again.

I have also shared things on Facebook just so that they are on my timeline and I can find them again when I need them but that doesn’t always work either, I have bookmarked things but then I end up with so many bookmarks that I can remember what everything is for or what was on my mind when I created my filing system.

Well that’s where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest is the place where you can store all the things that inspire you, whether its a recipe that you want to try or a way to make the latest fashion piece yourself, maybe you are renovating your home or garden and you are looking for inspiration, it’s all there for you to create a board and pin things to it.

The first thing you will need to do is create an account. Like most things these days you can join with your facebook account. Once you have set up an account you can create boards. I have created a Recipe board, Party ideas, clothes, DIY and loads more. You can add to your boards by browsing what is already on Pinterest and selecting the “pin it” button on the item you have chosen and then choose the board you would like to pin it to.

On their Goodies page Pinterest explains how and from where you can add to your Pinterest account, on the web its as simply as dragging their “Pin it” button to your tool bar.

Pinterest also has a mobile phone app and an ipad app.

Happy Pinning


Learner Girl

April 14 – LogoQuiz

Now there are a lot of quiz apps out there but I love this one

LogoQuiz gives you a logo and you have to work out the company name, ie. Volkswagon

It currently has 12 levels and you open the next level by having so many right in the previous level.

This is a great one to play with or against friends and family.

Other apps that are like this one are Ultimate Quiz, QC movies, QC Character, Famous Faces, Logo Quiz, IconPopQuiz, Icomania, IconPopBrand, Pic Combo and 4 Pics 1 Word.

Good Luck


Learner Girl

April 13 – Four Square

One of my most favourite apps

For those people that love to check in everywhere you go, well Four Square is for you.

Four Square not only lets you check in, but it will also send your check in on your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well, it also lets you add an image and add the people that you are with. You can also turn off Facebook &/or Twitter if you only want to put a certain post on FourSquare

So whats different?

Well here is the best part, Four square has an explore feature so if you are in a new town you can select what is the “Best Nearby” or you can select Nightlife, Coffee, Food, sights. Four Square will not only tell you what is nearby it will tell you how far away they are and you can select an item from the list and see the exact address, how many people have checked in and reviews people have left.

Four Square also offer deals at participating places, I went to a restaurant the other day that offered a free soft drink on my 4th check in, there are offers better than this one

I am in love with this one and use it almost every day.

Good Luck


Learner Girl

April 12 – Vintage Cam

Another Photo app you say… No this one is different

This app allows you to take photos that you already have on your device and add effects to them similar to what you can do in Instagram, you can then post the images on your favourite social media.

Yes I agree it is very much like Instagram but it is always fun to try different effects for your images

Good Luck


Learner Girl

April 11 – IncrediBooth

An app for those out there that love to take Selfies… you know who you are

This app is just like the old fashion photo booths, you set yourself up in the box where it asks you to set your eye level and then hit the button. The booth will now take 4 images of you so remember to change something after each photo. The images are then delivered to you outside the booth in Black and White.

An app that is loads of fun

Good Luck


Learner Girl

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