April 2 – iAllowance

Now I love this app

This app allows me to track my money, yes my money.

I enter in the chores that I do at home like vaccum, clean my room, empty the bins, stuff mum has agreed to pay me for and when I have done them mum checks them off in the app and I get paid (virtually).

Some of my chores are listed as star chores like cleaning my room and for each star I get it is equal to 10 cents, other chores are list with a $ amount. At any time I can go into the app and see what chores I need to do and how much money I have to go shopping.

This app also tracks my bank account, when I set it up I entered my account balance and my weekly allowance which mum deposits each week, now instead of logging on to internet banking to get my balance I can just look in the app.

The app also allows you to transfer money between chores & bank accounts, so when mum transfers my chore money to my bank account she also transfers it in the app so that I can see it.

Finally I can enter Rewards, these are items that I am saving for, like a new pair of shoes or a formal dress, and I can see how I am tracking towards having enough money.

I really love this app

Good Luck


Learner Girl


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