Got it!

So you passed the test now what?

In Queensland you would have left the Queensland Transport office not only with your fresh new licence but you would have been given your ‘Roadtrip to your licence’ kit and a learner logbook, before you set out for your first lesson you will need to read these. So of course I did and I did my own research

Did you know?

To get your Ps you need to

  • Have a Learners Licence before you can take your first driving lesson.
  • Have a Learners Licence for 12 months.
  • Have recorded a minimum of 100 hours in a log book
  • Must be 17 years old.

Yes that says 100 hours of driving in your log book before you can do a driving test for your Ps, and 10 of those hours need to be at night, luckily you have 3 years to complete your 100 hours. Now there is a loop hole;

It’s called Triple time

  • A One hour lesson with an accredited driving instructor is worth 3 hours in your log book.
  • You can record a maximum of 10 hours in triple time totalling 30hours.

So then you just need to do another 70 hours of driving with your parents or another fully licenced driver to be eligible to get your Ps

The Queensland Transport’s website advises that you should familiarise yourself with the basic controls of the car before you hit the road 

Good luck


Learner Girl


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