Studying for your Learners permit

Hello World,

Learner Girl here and I’m currently research how to get your learners permit

For those that know me you follow me because I do my homework and it saves you time but please remember that I live in Queensland and where possible I will supply the details for other states. Here’s what I found.

Sadly to get your learners permit your will need to read the book, Your keys to driving in Queensland, all 207 pages of it.

You can obtain a copy from Queensland Transport or you can download a copy from here. It’s riveting reading 😛 but after the first 60 pages you will finally find what you need to learn, so skip ahead if you have read my blog because I have summarised everything here.

The Queensland Government has created a Road Trip to your licence website that is kind of cute but a bit lame.

Once you have read the book there are many ways you can test your knowledge to see if you are ready. You can test your skills on the internet at:

Or you can download an app but make sure it is relevant for the state you live in. For Queensland I found the No Yelling Driving School page also comes as an app FREE from the iTunes store

Good luck


Learner Girl


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